Another Weird Iambic Pentameter Exercise

  1. I can’t believe that it’s the whole machine
  2. He went and screwed it all away on drugs
  3. Today I will attempt to change the world
  4. The spider floated down from overhead*
  5. This song is incomplete without more bass
  6. I drive and drive but cannot find more gas
  7. This exercise goes faster as it goes
  8. These verses are monotonously paced
  9. I don’t know why I never thought I could
  10. The trick to writing more is showing up
  11. The words will come if only you relax
  12. For breakfast, I had coffee and some meat
  13. The tightness in my legs goes to my feet
  14. Soon someone must give food to cats and dogs
  15. Sometimes I wake up, and my brain is fogged
  16. I’m almost finished with this exercise
  17. I almost can’t believe my fucking eyes
  18. It’s easier to write in meter now
  19. I see why this is popular somehow
  20. I never knew pentameter was fun



I write about independence aspirants within rich & developed states. Mostly posting random observations on here. Socials:

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