Have Books, Will Travel

Things have been complicated in my life lately.

Due to pressing family-related matters I must attend to on the other side of the country, I’ll be traveling out East in the next week or so. Subsequently, I’ve been putting a lot of my time into planning. It’s a weird situation that will have me out east for a little while, so I’m bringing a few books.

Here’s some of what I’m bringing with me:

As I said last week, I am aiming to get some time in to focus on movements in areas I’ll be crossing through. I hope to have much more to share in the weeks following my journey across the continent.

Originally published at https://davidnwaeze.substack.com on July 23, 2022.



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David Nwa'eze

David Nwa'eze

I write about independence aspirants within rich & developed states. Mostly posting random observations on here. Socials: linktr.ee/SecessioPopuli