One Month In…

I’ve learned a lot one month into my attempt at producing at least one finished piece of writing a day for six months straight.

I’ve been attempting to work on three or four articles a day since June 7th. At the present moment, it feels pretty challenging. I’m at the point where my enthusiasm has waned a little bit. Nevertheless, I choose to drive forward day-to-day out of the sheer will to stick to it through November.

Already, though, I’m able to identify areas where I can improve my output with a few simple tweaks to my process.

Here are some of my observations:

Regarding topical content, Writer’s block isn’t an issue for me.

I can find something that is going to be interesting enough for me to bang out in a specific chunk of time.

Workflow optimization becomes critical when I organize my thoughts on any given subject.

My work to pre-plan my day can set me up for success or failure.

Somedays, it’s easier to get ahead of my workload than others.

So, on the easier days, I should take the opportunity to set myself up for a more leisurely work day the following day.

If I go into my writing day with a new outline and a plan for content execution, I do much better than on days when I’m stuck cramming my outlining into writing time.

Preparing my outlines in advance affords me the luxury of not having to think about or stress over my writing and revision process.

Improving my workflow is within my grasp. This is a very exciting journey.



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David Nwa'eze

David Nwa'eze

I write about independence aspirants within rich & developed states. Mostly posting random observations on here. Socials: